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  • Cycling Through History and Nature

    Türkiye is the magical land, that has the unique ability to convert the humble bicycle into “a time machine”.


    bike routes

    Do you want to explore all the corners of one of the biggest metropoles of the world, İstanbul? How about climbing a mountain that forms the background of Aegean legends or to reach the one of the longest cable of the Europe? Whether you are a professional or an amateur, it doesn’t matter! Türkiye has road bike routes for all levels! You can change continents on your bike by taking a ferry in İstanbul, ride through vineyards and olive groves in İzmir, climb from turquoise bays to forest-covered mountains in Muğla, and ride between two ancient cities on coastal roads in Antalya!


    bike routes

    Paths on the Taurus Mountains, narrow passages between endemic trees in Muğla, earth roads among the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, traveling from one ancient city to another on an MTB in İzmir… An experienced MTB rider, an amateur who wants to relax in nature, a tourist who is interested in historical places… It doesn’t matter who you are! Türkiye offers amazing landscapes, endless ancient cities to explore, and orchards and vineyards to ride through on two wheels!



    Everything is changing, and so is cycling! Yet Türkiye will always treasure its natural beauties and historical heritage. It is a great idea to discover Türkiye’s historical and natural riches on a bike with the help of technology! It isn’t necessary to have strong legs, come and try an e-bike in Türkiye’s wonderland!

    bicycle friendly

    accomodation facilities



    Even if you are a local in İstanbul, it is a colossal endeavor to explore the entire city. Cycling is the best way to discover İstanbul and to unveil its many layers. Have you ever cycled on two continents on the same day? İstanbul offers you this unique experience with a pleasant 15-minute ferry ride across the Bosphorus while feeding the seagulls that follow you.



    Kemer is a Mediterranean town on the southern slope of the Taurus Mountains in south Anatolia. It offers sunshine and the opportunity of swimming in turquoise waters 365 days a year. Kilometer-long beaches connecting Anatolia with the Mediterranean, the Tahtalı (Olympos) Mountain whose peak is reachable by one of the longest cableways in Europe, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea...



    A true fairyland… How can one describe Cappadocia? One of the world’s most interesting geological formations… The mountain and road bike routes that pass through the valleys offer all types of cyclists a great variety of options. Wake up to a morning full of adventure with hot-air balloons flying over you.



    İzmir, the pearl of the Aegean! A coastline of over 600 kilometers of unmatched beauty that is embroidered with magnificent ancient cities, two of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Pergamon and Ephesus. Let’s discover İzmir on two wheels!

    Köyceğiz, Ortaca, Dalaman


    At the easternmost of the Mediterranean, the southernmost of the Aegean Sea, at the junction point of Carian and Lycian Civilisations, here is a region where the deep history dance together with green and blue. The districts, “Köycegiz”, “Ortaca”, and “Dalaman” offer the unique mountain bike routes created by Dalyan Tourism, Culture, and Environmental Protection Association.



    The junction point of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, the forest and the sea, green and blue... Muğla is a destination for those who want to relax, to explore the natural beauties and deep history of the region, to savor the turquoise sea and golden sand, and to enjoy with cycling in nature!



    Taking firm steps forward to have the title of "Bike Friendly City" given by UCI, Sakarya is where the heart of cycling sports beats in Türkiye. Each year Sakarya hosts many national and international bicycle races with the participation of professional athletes from all around the world.